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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my order have Free Shipping?
Are the backlit address number individual numbers or mounted on a backplate?
What are the Dimensions & the Width of the LED House Numbers?
Are the Lighted Address Numbers low voltage?
Are the Lighted Address Numbers dimmable?
How can I power up the Backlit Address Numbers?
How do I install the Backlit Address Numbers?
Is the required hardware and installation template included with my order?
Is the LED Driver Transformer included with my order?
Can I install the backlit address numbers vertically or horizontally?
How durable are the Backlit Address Numbers and are they there water and weather proof?
Can I connect the Backlit Address Numbers directly to 110V or 240V AC source?
What is the Color Temperature of the White and Warm White Numbers Backlighting?
How does the Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor Auto On/Off switch work?
How does the Timer Auto On/Off switch work?
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