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Numbers Width

Please find numbers width in the table below based on number size and font:

How to use the tables below:

  1. Select the table for the size (height) of numbers your are interested in (for example: 5 inch numbers).
  2. Select the row the pertains to the font your are interested in, in the that table (for example font 3).
  3. Find the columns that pertain to the address numbers you are interested in (for example numbers 0, 5, and 9).
  4. Find the corresponding width for each number in those columns.
  5. The installation template will have an inch of spacing between each two address numbers (for example the address number 6548 will have 3 inches of spacing in total, the address number 973 will have 2 inches of spacing in total)
lighted house address numbers width

lighted house address numbers width